Monday, March 26, 2007

Go GodTube...!!!!

I just stumbled across GodTube on the Internet, a "still in beta" Christian alternative to the immensely popular and sometimes vulgar YouTube, which I personally tend to stay away from unless someone recommends a specific clip for viewing. For me, randomly browsing through YouTube looking for good things to watch can be a bit like looking for a piece of desert somewhere in a garbage can ... but, that's a purely personal opinion I might should have saved for another day...! (Smile!)

Anyway ...

Here is an interview with GodTube's founder and DTS grad, Chris Wyatt; a couple of cute takeoffs on the great Mac vs. PC commercials that underscore the difference between just being a Christian and being a true Christ follower; and another, much more edgy, parody clip targeting young people.

Those original Mac commercials, by the way, were some of the funniest I have ever seen. The one that showed the PC guy "freezing" every few moments was painfully brilliant, in my opinion! So much so, in fact, that as hard as it is for a die hard Windows guy like me to admit, my next laptop will probably be a Macintosh, especially now that my favorite Bible software, Logos, will soon be available on that platform.

Trust you are having a great day and are off to a great week, walking with the God of the Ordinary...!

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  1. Thanks for the link, Mark! We've had a number of users say Logos Bible Software is the only reason they're hanging onto their PC. So we're working hard to get Logos Bible Software for the Mac done as soon as possible!

    Daniel Foster
    Logos Bible Software