Monday, February 5, 2007


Pastor Alvin and I are eating a wonderful Cuban dinner in Miami while waiting on our flight connection to Lima.
I'm having garlic chicken (since Teresa is not around to kiss me!) and he's having ropa vieja, literally, "old clothes!" It's a sort of shredded beef with bell peppers, etc.


  1. If you love Cuban food like I do, then make sure you visit the Caribbean Cafe in Carrollton. Yes, you can get genuine Cuban food in Texas!

    Take 635 West, exit Web Chapel and turn right (North) Take that all the way down to Beltline and you will see the restaurant on the northeast corner of Web Chapel and Beltline. Just look to your left and it will be in a small strip mall at the end.

  2. Thanks for recommending that restaurant, Nancy! Pastor Alvin tried to take me there for lunch one day, but it was closed. (I think it was on a Monday.) He says it is great, too.