Monday, February 5, 2007

Hello from Lima!

Pastor Alvin and I arrived here in Lima at sunrise this morning, having flown through the night from Miami across the Equator to the South American continent. Missionaries Steve and Shelly Hopkins, along with Mary Dunham-Faulkner, all from Hillcrest Church, were already here.

We have had wonderful services today in this very strong work numbering nearly four hundred churches throughout the country. The choir that sang tonight was very vibrant and effectively led the congregation through worship into the manifest presence of God. If I can figure out how YouTube works, I'll upload a short video clip for you.

One quick prayer request...

My sinuses were bothering me before I ever left the States and now they are much worse. Please pray that God will heal me so that I can minister without hinderance and not have any problems on the flight back home on Thursday.

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