Sunday, August 27, 2006

Glory on Your House

One of the books I was assigned to read for a class I am taking at the King's Seminary has touched me very deeply. A single sentence from its pages planted the seed in my spirit that resulted in my sermon last Sunday and what I ministered this morning. The book was written by Jack Hayford from the Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California and is entitled, "Glory on Your House." Click here

If you enjoy it, I would also encourage you to get a copy of Terry Teykl's book, "The Presence Based Church." lists it at: Glory on Your House and: Gloria en Su Casa

I am not trying to promote, by the way, but just want to make it a bit easier for you to track down the resources that I mention in this blog.

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  1. For Christian books and materials, I prefer Christian Book Distributors (CBD) over Amazon. Their prices are usually lower, as are shipping and handling charges.

    It is also worth checking eBay. I have found a lot of books there for really good prices. I've used eBay a lot lately to purchase books for the International Christian Fellowship resource table at UT-Dallas.