Monday, February 5, 2007


Pastor Alvin and I are on the plane between Dallas and Miami. I am working with my pda phone to see if I can learn how to post photos from it directly onto my blog. He is working hard on some Spanish songs. Isn't it great to have a bi-lingual Pastor of Worship and Senior Associate Pastor?!

I am sitting here thanking God for the special sense of His presence that we felt in our service today. Your prayers and heart for God help create that kind of atmosphere.

When you get a chance, I encourage you to watch the video I mentioned in my last post of Pastor Jim Cymbala of the Brooklyn Tabernacle preaching at Pastor Jack Hayford's pastor's conference. As they say in the Czech Republic, it is "strong coffee," but also a stirring testimony to the power of prayer. They have built a great, 8,000 member church in Brooklyn with a Grammy award winning choir by continually calling upon the Lord. For their Tuesday night prayer meeting, they open the doors two hours early so the people who are already arriving can get inside and begin to pray.

Teresa and I love you and thank God for the privilege of serving you!


Pastor Mark
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