Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Words from wise women (CORRECTED)

I've not been on the internet much during our vacation and when I have it has ususally been through a dial-up connection on one of our parent's houses. I just noticed today that only part of Barbara's comments were formatted as a quote, which makes some of her words look like they are mine, so I just fixed that. Sorry about the mixup...!

Following my message Sunday on, "How to Be the Kind of Woman a Good Man Wants to Love," Hillcrest Church's very own Barbara Cashion emailed me the following comment I thought worth passing along...

As good as yesterday's sermon was, and it was, you need to add a seventh point to your list. In keeping with the alliteration you are fond of: Be pretty.
Beauty is endowed by God, but "pretty" can be achieved by almost all women. When Naomi advised Ruth how to approach Boaz, it was: wash yourself, anoint yourself (creams, oils and makeup?) and put on your best clothes. In short - look good and smell good. Ruth primped and it paid off.

Over at the Raising Five blog, Katherine recently referred to an article she read a while back entitled, To A Young Mother by Janie B. Cheaney. It gives some great advice built around the following points that will strengthen any marriage if followed:

1. Don't waste time trying to change people, especially that man.
2. Allow no root of bitterness to spring up in you.
3. Don't weaken him by disparaging words, which spring from disparaging thoughts.
4. Don't identifyso completely with your children that you make the same excuses for their behavior as you once did for yours.
Cheaney then goes on to say,

Where you are at age 29 depends mostly on circumstance. Where you are at 39 depends mostly on character.
Words to the wise...!

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