Friday, June 22, 2007

Stop, Drop, and Kiss...!

I've had more feedback from my sermon last Sunday on Father's Day entitled, "How to Be the Kind of Man A Woman Wants to Love," than anything I have preached in a long time. (To listen online from a slow connection, click here. To download the mp3 file via a high-speed connection for off-line listening, click here.)

So far, the comments have come overwhelmingly (over 90%) from women. They seem glad their husbands heard it. A word to the wise, fellows...!

Browsing the Internet this morning, I came an article written by a woman named Mandy Houk describing how a small change in her daily routine brought a new spark to her marriage. It's called, "Stop, Drop, and Kiss." Might I suggest to all you ladies that you take a moment to read what she wrote ... and while you are at it, make sure your husband joins us Saturday morning, June 22nd at 9am in the Seminar Room for a simple breakfast and a great video called "How to Improve Your Sex Life," by Robert Lewis from our Men's Fraternity Bible study at Hillcrest Church every Wednesday night at 7pm.

Believe me, you will be glad you shooed your husband out the door and sent him on down to 12123 Hillcrest Road ... and so will he...!

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