Thursday, April 26, 2007

Prague, Czech Republic

I arrived here in Prague, Czech Republic yesterday afternoon from Amsterdam to find my long time friend, Pastor Bohuslav Wojnar, waiting for me at the airport. He pastors the Křesťanské Centrum church in the town of Cesky Tesin, very near to the Polish and Slovakian borders. Cesky Tesin is the in the part of the country called Moravia. This is where the famous Moravian Brethren were from who sent out the very first missionaries in the modern era.

Teresa and I first met Bohuslav and his lovely wife, Felicie, back in the mid-eighties during one of our missions trips behind the Iron Curtain into Eastern Europe. They have been very dear friends ever since. One of the young men converted under Bohuslav's ministry and then discipled by him is Petr Ministr, the Director of the Teen Challenge ministry for the Czech Republic, first-rate ministry to drug addicts. (Seen below with his wife, Patricia.) They are a precious, precious couple, greatly used by the Lord to impact people in this country.

Bohuslav and I drove together out to Postovice where Teen Challenge is renovating a centuries old facility into a complete headquarters, both men's and women's treatment centers, and a discipleship training institute. Hillcrest Church has helped with this project.

They are now purchasing an adjoining piece of property to use in running some of the new businesses the young people work in during their rehab. (Photos below show the new wooden pallet factory they are running.)

They have just had a large gift of over USD$100,000 given to them, but they are still USD$10,000 short - which they need by next week...! When you read this, please take a moment to stop and pray for God to touch human hearts to give them what they lack.

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