Thursday, February 8, 2007

Birthday and other blessings

When our host pastor's wife, Soledad Ramos, found out that Wednesday was my 47th birthday, she surprised me with a very rich chocolate birthday cake. Thankfully, I only had to blow out three candles!

On a more serious note, every member of our Hillcrest Church team enjoyed ministering to these wonderful people.

Pastor Alvin Miranda taught material from his Lifestyle of Worship training manual and laid a foundation of understanding upon which these pastors will be able to build for many years to come.

Their hearts are very hungry for more of God and they love to linger in His presence.

Mary Dunham-Faulkner spoke to both women's and combined sessions.

She was very warmly received.

Missionary Steve Hopkins was slated to translate 28 times in eight days!

He and his wife Shelly serve as liasons between the work in Peru and churches like ours that partner with them in the U.S.A. Their many years of relationship with leaders there is bearing much fruit.

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