Saturday, September 24, 2016

How to Be Used in the Gifts of the Spirit, Interview with Missionary Gail Stathis

Each Wednesday night at Antioch Church following our midweek prayer meeting, we offer classes including one I teach called, "The School of the Spirit." On Wednesday, September 4th, I was privileged to interview Missionary Gail Stathis, an outstanding woman of God who has served in Greece and throughout the surrounding regions for more than thirty years. 

During our chat, Gail tells the story of her own journey into the ministry of the Gifts of the Spirit which began while she was a child living in very difficult circumstances. She also gives some very practical, biblically balanced counsel regarding how to take your first steps in this area and how to avoid some common mistakes. If you are interested in learning more about how you can experience the activation of spiritual gifts in your own life, I encourage you to watch this video.

For more information about Gail Stathis, click on this link: or emeministries.orgFor more information about Antioch Church, visit:

PLEASE NOTE: The first one minute, twenty seconds of the video, you will hear audio only, then the video image will appear.

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