Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Let's give thanks to God for His supernatural protection last Thursday...!

Dear Antioch Church Family,
The Dallas Morning News has released a definitive timeline of the events last Thursday night. Of special note, when the media has spoken in recent days of the shooter's location in a "parking lot," they were actually talking about El Centro College's loading dock, which is immediately across the street from our property. 
This makes Agustin and Yajaira Penales's testimony all the more amazing. They had just finished witnessing on the DART platform with their two little girls when they heard the first shots fIred. In response, they unwittingly ran into our small lot directly TOWARDS the gunman and then crouched between parked cars while the bullets whizzed over their heads, emerging later without a scratch. 
Please join me in lifting up your voices in praise to God for His supernatural protection upon them...!!!!

Click here to read the Dallas Morning News article.

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