Friday, October 28, 2011

Greetings from Maracaibo...!

Dear Hillcrest Church Family,

Greetings from Maracaibo, Venezuela!

Pastor Kyle and I have arrived here in preparation for the Global Advance Pastor's Conference where we be ministering through the end of this week. Prior to our departure from Dallas, the last word we had from the team who was already in the ground was that we could expect 1,500+ in attendance in each session. We have just learned that more than 3,000 have formally registered and that number will undoubtedly grow before the meetings begin early Thursday morning.

We covet your earnest prayers for us and for our families back home while we are away. Pastor Kyle and I are keenly aware of the incredible opportunity God is giving us to touch this nation by touching so many of its spiritual leaders. Please join with us in believing God for razor-sharp, specific messages every time we speak and for the power of the Lord to be very much in evidence as we pray for those in attendance.
Please pray as well for God to orchestrate every logistical detail.

The advance team has experienced very clear supernatural opposition as they have put together this event. That fact, along with the deep conviction I am carrying in my own heart and spirit, causes me to believe that the Lord has some very special things in store for our time here. As part of our Hillcrest Church family, we are YOUR hands extended to God's servants from across this country. You have sent us and you will share in any victories we win or spiritual fruit that we bear. This is the Antioch church in action - a local congregation that loves its city but that also loves the world...and YOU are an important part of it...!

While I am away this next Sunday, my dear friend Rabbi Marty Waldeman from Baruch Ha'Shem will be preaching in my place. I encourage you to do whatever it takes to be present in service. I am so very thankful for the spiritual partnership that God has orchestrated between our two congregations and I expect the Lord will use Rabbi Marty to bring a specific word for us during this season. Your presence is also a way of honoring him and the spiritual family he serves for their very gracious hospitality to us during this season.

I am also happy to report that we have elected four new Hillcrest Church
Trustees: Eric Bullard, Linda Greer, Tony Lovio, and Charlie Pollinzi. They will serve alongside Darrell Fletcher, Harry Gresham, and myself. All of the eight candidates that stood for election are wonderful people and I appreciate each of them allowing us to put their name forward. Please be sure and keep both our Elders and our Trustees in your prayers as we move forward. Our church is on the cusp of a wonderful new beginning and we need God's supernatural wisdom in order to fully take advantage of the incredible opportunity He is giving us for the furthering of His kingdom and for His glory alone.

Teresa and I love you and thank God for the privilege of serving you. We believe the best is yet to come!

Pastor Mark Brand

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