Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miracle Service Tonight (Tuesday) at 7:30pm...!

Dear Hillcrest Church,
God has been doing something fresh, new, and remarkable in our spiritual family since Sunday morning’s service. Last night (Monday), several more people testified to receiving healing from the Lord through the sudden disappearance of symptoms, including a more than year-long rotor-cup like pain in my own left shoulder.
Evangelist Dale Everett and his precious wife, Debbie, have agreed to come back tonight (Tuesday) for another miracle service. In order to make it easier for people to reach our church campus (12123 Hillcrest Road in Dallas) through the city’s traffic, we are going to start tonight (Tuesday) at exactly 7:30pm.
Dale is going to be preaching the second part of the message he started last night entitled, “How to Walk on Water.” There will be prayer for the sickand I am sure the Spirit of the Lord will again minister healing to those in attendance. I also believe God has given me a specific word that He wants to deliver people from all sorts of addictions in the service this evening.
We do not know how long these meetings will continue. I URGE you to NOT MISS YOUR MOMENT of deliverance, healing, Holy Spirit baptism, salvation for your family (Be sure and bring them to the meeting!), or fresh anointing for ministry…! Tonight could be the night God changes you and the circumstances around you forever.
I encourage you to invite others to these meetings, especially those who are sick and who desire healing from the Lord; those who need a fresh touch from the Holy Spirit; those who need deliverance from bondage; and those who need to come to know Jesus personally. Jesus, our Savior, Healer, Baptizer, and Deliverer will honor your faith and work powerfully in their lives through the person of the Holy Spirit.
Teresa and I love you and thank God for the privilege of serving you. We believe the best is yet to come for Hillcrest Church.
See you tonight at 7:30…!
Pastor Mark Brand

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