Friday, January 30, 2009

Special Prayer Request - Rev. Kenneth and Vera Brand

When you read this, would you please take a moment and pray for my parents, Rev. Kenneth and Vera Brand? They are in their seventies and are retired in rural western Kentucky, the area hardest hit by the recent ice-storm. I was finally able to make contact with them by phone late last night and learned they have been three days without electricity or water. Their only heat has come from a propane-fired gas log in their fireplace and their only water from boiling snow over a propane camp stove on their back patio. The electricity outage has shut down the water treatment plant in the small town where they live and their propane tank is on the verge of running out. The latest word for their immediate region is that it could take up to thirty days for power to be restored. Dad’s concern for their home has kept them from leaving until now but they are finally en-route at this moment from Kentucky to Texas by car. Please pray that God’s hand will be upon them as they drive the first part of the journey on icy roads and that they will be able to find gasoline, etc.

Please pray as well for the more than 600,000 people in Kentucky that are without power in freezing weather. Pray that loss of life will be kept to a minimum and that emergency rescue teams will be given wisdom as they tackle the enormous damage that region’s infrastructure has suffered and that they will be kept safe as they work. This situation has the potential to become very serious for a very great number of people if power is not quickly restored and freezing temperatures continue.

If you are interested in seeing the circumstances my parents and others are dealing with, click on the window below to watch a very brief video on CNN’s website.

Thanks for praying. I'll keep you posted.

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