Saturday, September 13, 2008

Washington Post Cartoon Mocks Speaking In Tongues

In case you have any question concerning the religious bias of certain, mainstream media outlets concerning the present-day work of the Holy Spirit, take a look at this cartoon which appeared on the Washington Post website... (To view it online, click here.)

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  1. ok look, writting a letter is not going to work. I live in the DC Metro area and trust me, the letters just go unanswered and emails are flagged as spam. If you want to make a difference and finally standup for our Christian values and show the National media that we as Christians are not going to sit back and let cartoons like this go unanswered, then contact me at or call me at 703.609.7709. I have lived in the Middle East and if this was a muslim cartoon, there would be rage about this and people uniting, but we are Pentecostals, we just talk and talk and talk and take no national stance. I am planning a protest at the Washington Post so call or email me for details.