Friday, May 16, 2008

Greetings from Dubai...!

Paul and I have arrived in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, en-route to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Later this evening, we fly to Colombo, Sri Lanka for special meetings at the People's Church and with some 1,500 leaders. After a visit to a local congregation this morning, we went to a nearby mall for lunch. Outside the temperature had already reached some 110 degrees, but look what we found inside...REAL, man-made SNOW(the H2O variety - not styrofoam or something synthetic) and a skiing slope...! In case what you are wondering what this oil-rich, cash-flush country is like, this short video says it all... As prosperous and progressive as it seems, this area also evidences deep spiritual needs. Pray for Dubai, its leaders, and the people from all over the world who are living here. It is a very cosmopolitan city - some estimates put the expatriate population at 90% of its current inhabitants.

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