Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Promiseland Television Network Broadcasts

Many people from our church family have come to me asking how they could watch the recent broadcasts Teresa and I appeared on at the Promiseland Television Network. I just discovered a way to upload these video files to the internet for your convenience.

To watch our first joint guest appearance with Mike and Hazel Simons on Promiseland Live, click on the play button (the right "arrow") at the bottom of the second window below. Toward the end of the broadcast, I share a message entitled, "The Man Who Was Lost With the Roadmap in His Hand" from the Book of Acts, and Teresa speaks to the international constituency of the DFW Metroplex, giving an invitation to receive Christ.

To watch the first guest hosting we have done, click on the upper window. The theme of that broadcast is "Divine Healing" where we pray for the sick and I share thoughts on "What Every Sick Person Needs to Know About God." By clicking on the word, "Google" on either window, you will be taken to the host website where you can download either broadcast onto your computer or ipod.

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  1. Great Work...Pastor Mike Simons is doing a great Job. Visit my Blog
    Thanks Abraham