Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stranded in California...

I have had some interesting experiences in air travel over the last couple of months. After losing my bags twice in a row on flights to Europe, I now find myself stranded in Van Nuys, California due to weather related flight cancellations in and out of Dallas. While looking for flight and air traffic information at the airport, I came across a neat website: I have used a lot of different sites over the years to obtain updated flight information, especially (which not only shows the estimated departure/arrival/gate information of individual flights, but actually allows you to track the flight "live" on a map with information that shows doppler weather radar, altitude, speed, etc.), but this new site adds the capability to see actual air traffic flow in and out of a specific airport. It generates "real-time" images like the one below. Somehow, seeing those thunderstorms and various flights trying to pick their way around them helps me feel better about being stranded...

I came out Sunday night in order to take a modular class toward my M.Div at the King's Seminary, founded by Dr. Jack Hayford. I was scheduled to fly back this morning but have to spend another night away from Teresa and the kids... :(

On a more positive note, the class, An Advanced Seminar in Pastoral Leadership, was fantastic. Held over three days, with lectures starting every morning at 8:30am and continuing until 6:00 pm daily, it was taught by three great teachers, each of whom is a seasoned pastor.

Monday featured Jim Garlow, Senior Pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church and known for The Garlow Perspective. Skyline first became famous under the leadership of well-known author, John Maxwell, of Injoy Ministries. Tuesday's lecturer was Bishop Kenneth Ullmer of Faith Central Church. Yesterday, Doug Richardson of Long Beach Christian Fellowship wrapped things up. Each one made a distinctive contribution to my life. What a privilege to learn from others...!

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