Monday, April 30, 2007

Elam Ministries - London

Sam and Linaria Yeghnezar from Elam Ministries surprised me by meeting me at Gatwick airport last night when I arrived in London from Split! This meant we were able to spend the evening together before my scheduled visit to their base outside London today. A special treat was meeting Sam's 96 year old father, in whose house a sovereign outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 1955 sparked off a major expansion of evangelical Christianity in Iran.

It has been great to get good news about the work of the Lord in Iran. God is moving in a very great way there. It was a joy to be able to share some thoughts on leadership with the Christian workers they are training and learn more about their extensive and manifold forms of outreach to the Persian people.

Walking around their property, we came across a meadow full of bluebells. I did not expect to find that taste of Texas so far from Britain.

We also came upon a 75 year old rhododendron...! I am the farthest thing from a horticulturist - not even an avid gardener, but that impressed even me.

One of their current construction projects is a prayer garden where their staff and people passionate about Iran could come and intercede for that country. It would be great if a team from Hillcrest could come and help with this!

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