Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Local Church With A World Vision

It was wonderful to see so many of you in service this morning on Vision Sunday 2007! I have already received email asking for a "Cliff's Notes" version of the points I shared, so voilĂ ...

Our Vision

To become a church like Antioch by walking people through the Discipleship Cycle (Bring, Heal, Train, Lead, and Send).
Becoming a church like Antioch is our DESTINY…

    1. A church that touches many people and blesses many other churches.
    2. A church filled with God’s presence and that celebrates the moving of His Spirit.
    3. A church that loves God’s Word and tries to do everything it says.
    4. A church that cares for the poor and hurting.
    5. A church that welcomes all kinds of people, no matter their nationality, culture, language, skin color, religious background, or history of failure.
    6. A church that wants everyone to know Jesus personally.
    7. A church that helps people discover the reason they are alive, and that sends out many missionaries into every world all around the world.
Walking people through the Discipleship Cycle is our STRATEGY…

We want to BRING people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the fellowship of this local church, HEAL them everywhere they hurt, and TRAIN them to live according to biblical principles, so they will LEAD by serving others, as we SEND them to make disciples of all people everywhere.
Applying values such as these is our PHILOSOPHY…

    • Integrity
    • Relationships
    • Diversity
    • Excellence
    • Creativity
I commit our leadership to…

    1. Bring every area of our church life and ministry into conformity with our vision.
    2. Help every member of our church take the next steps in the Discipleship Cycle.
    3. Lead our people ever further into God’s Word, God’s presence, and God’s harvest.
I ask every person in our church family to…

    1. SUPPORT this church with your prayers, attendance, finances, and words.
    2. SERVE this church with your gifts, talents, and experiences.
    3. GROW this church by inviting others to our services.

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