Monday, August 28, 2006

Let's Go Through Luke...!

On Sunday, September 10th, I will begin preaching a series of messages that will take us through the life of Jesus, based on the Gospel of Luke. I encourage you to read this Gospel in advance. That way, you will obtain maximum benefit from our studies together and you can share the thoughts God gives you with others via this blog.

There are many websites that allow you to read and/or listen to the Bible online in a wide variety of languages and translations. Many of them include free access to commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and other helpful resources. My two favorite sites of this type are: and

Other websites provide various reading plans that will take you through the Bible in a year, etc., either by emailing you the text you need to read every day or by providing you with a link to click on that opens up a window via the internet with that day's reading. By clicking here you will be taken directly to one site that allows you to set up either an online reading plan or an email plan that will take you through all four Gospels in a month.

Many of these kinds of sites allow you to specify which language and version you want to use, and some even allow you to listen to it via audio instead of having to read it. If you are interested in exploring these kinds of Bible reading plan links, I suggest that you begin here: This site has many different plans of their own and also provides clickable links to other sites that offer the same service. You can also search on Google or Yahoo, etc., for "Bible reading plan" and you will come up with many more options.

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