Tuesday, January 1, 2008

PTN telecasts - Plane crash testimony and Biblical prosperity

Here are a couple of more recent Promiseland Television Network broadcasts.

In the first, I host the broadcast and share thoughts from God's Word about the change the Christ of Christmas brings when we place our trust in Him. In both the first and second hour of the program, Pastor Jimmy Pierce of PTN gives a two-part testimony to God's faithfulness to him during a plane crash on a busy highway in Chicago, Illinois. Originally broadcast on 12/21/2007. Please note that approximately the first 30 seconds of these videos are blank. If you click on the "play" buttons in the windows, the videos will appear after some moments...!

Below is a broadcast where I appear as a guest of Pastor Mike Simons. In the second hour of the broadcast, we discuss Biblical principles of prosperity and the law of sowing and reaping. Originally broadcast on 12/13/2007.

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