Wednesday, October 3, 2007

From Out of Africa - Jean Aimee Gifford

At Hillcrest Church, we are called to be a local church with a ministry that touches the world like the church at Antioch in the New Testament. As we walk people through the Discipleship Cycle (Bring, Heal, Train, Lead, and Send), God prepares them to impact whatever world He calls them to, whether it be the world of their own neighborhood across the backyard fence, a sphere of influence that spans many geographic localities, or another culture and belief system on the other side of an ocean.

It is our joy and privilege as a congregation to be used by the Lord to send our people wherever He calls them. One very special person we have recently sent into the world of the HIV pandemic is Jean-Aimee Gifford. A highly trained medical professional, she serves in Africa with an organization called Hands at Work. She has recently started blogging at I encourage you to read her posts, find out more about her work, and let her know that you are praying for her!

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